Finally Get Shredded & Build Bulletproof Confidence in 14 Weeks Without Sacrificing Your Life In The Process

If you’re an ex high level athlete who’s lost the body and confidence, you’re going to want to read this.

I know what it’s like to be at the top and lose it all when you stop playing your sport. To fall out of shape, lose the confidence, and feel like you’ve lost your identity.

I know what it’s like because I was there. I went from sky high to rock bottom because I didn’t know how to handle life without the sport I played since I was 3 years old. And the status that it provided me. Without that, I was lost.

It got so bad that I fell into severe depression for two years and the longer it went on the more my confidence (or lack thereof) plummeted until there was zero left.

But eventually I was able to bounce back and pull myself out of that hole and into a position where I'm as confident as I've ever been all by using specific game changing methods and strategies.

Here’s The Deal…

What if I told you that you don’t have to follow a strict meal plan, avoid your favorite foods, say no to social outings and workout 5-7 days per week to completely transform your body?

Hey, my name is Jamie — I’m the creator of The Game Changer. A program that specifically helps ex competitive athletes regain their bodies, confidence and identities in a way that fits into their lifestyle instead of restricting it.

I created this program because I knew I wasn’t the only one who fell into this hole. And I know how hard it is to get out of it. How difficult it is to lose that bulletproof confidence & athletic body that was ever so prominent during your athlete years.

But, most importantly, because I know how amazing it feels to come out on the other side with a completely renewed and improved body and mind

I specialize in taking ex athletes just like you to the next level. I take your dreams of transforming your body & regaining your confidence, and turn them into reality.


I’ve Tried Everything...And Nothing Is Working!

I know that feeling…

Trying diet after diet, program after program and never getting anywhere.

As a busy guy and as much as I love fitness, I don’t want to spend the majority of my free time in the gym or miss out on all that life has to offer because my diet is too restrictive. For so many years, I could not figure out how to fit my nutrition and training seamlessly into my lifestyle. If I went all in on the fitness side my social life suffered, and if I went all in on my social life my body suffered.

I went through that cycle for years. It would go like this:

  • Hear about the latest and greatest new diet and training program on the market
  • Feel some newfound hope & excitement
  • Begin said program
  • Stick to the diet half-assed because I like burgers and the odd pint with the boys and those weren’t allowed.
  • Or because I couldn’t handle one more unseasoned tilapia fillet [insert puke face here], with rice and broccoli.
  • Never really build muscle or shed fat consistently because of the above statement. And because the training program was just like the last cookie cutter, bro-style one I had tried many times already.

Like you, I have other responsibilities…

  • Helping coaching clients regain their bodies and confidence
  • Spending time with people I love
  • Getting better at my craft
  • Golfing in the summer months
  • Squeezing in downtime so that my brain doesn’t explode
  • Watching videos of dogs on Facebook..

They’re all equally important, which is why I can’t afford to be wasting time with things that don’t work.

No Other Program Like This

Besides the restriction and social avoidance that most diets/programs require, one of the biggest frustrations I have with most coaches out there is that there is no educational component to any of the instructions they preach. Generally, a cookie cutter diet and training program is given, with the possibility of weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with a coach if you’ve paid a premium for 1 to 1 coaching.

But once that diet/program comes to an end, any results you may have got start to disappear because you have no fu*kin clue what to do on your own. You see, coaches don’t want to give you everything because you’ll no longer need them and then they'll no longer get paid...

I know this because I went through it. Which is why I made sure I didn’t keep any of my secrets/strategies/methods out of this program. I’ve literally took a chip out of my head and put it into a step by step 14 week transformation course to ensure you not only get the results now, but have everything you need to continue making progress and never have to waste more time, money, and effort trying another diet.

If you’re worried about joining the latest fitness fad we’re NOT a good fit for each other.

Concerns like that don’t get you results. In fact, they’ll leave you in a WORSE off position and make it harder to lose fat and build muscle in the future.


There are plenty of Instagram ‘coaches’ that would be more than happy to take your hard earned money and give you a cookie cutter template they give you every one of their clients. Or ‘numbers’ I should say, because that’s what you get treated like.

Fitting Life into Diet (left) vs. Fitting Diet into Life (right)

If you want a proven strength training and nutrition strategy that provides results like the ones you’ll see in this article, keep reading…

Why This and Not 1 to 1 Coaching?

As I said above, I’ve included every single strategy that I’ve used to get myself and my clients incredible results without negatively impacting other areas of life. In fact, each strategy is implemented at different points throughout the program in a drip-fed manner to allow you to focus on the most important things first and eliminate confusion. Because we all know confusion leads to inaction which results in failure.

Furthermore, to ensure clarity and results, there are videos of me explaining each one of these strategies in detail and how best to incorporate them.

But what about program adjustments and accountability?

This is where The Game Changer gets even better. Everything is built out into your diet and training program and updates/adjustments are made based on your individual progress.

As an ex-athlete you know the impact of a team, specifically for overall accountability and overall success. That is why each member is part of the private Game Changer Community Facebook Group. Where progress updates are posted along with questions/comments, or the standard locker room banter.

If you’re self sufficient, I will take out the guess work so all you have to worry about is showing up, doing the work, and making progress.

I’m like your pilot — I've put all of my expertise, knowledge and experience into this program to take you from point A to point B in the safest and most time efficient way possible. So you can spend your time, energy, and focus on other things.

I will help you take the frustrating, “I have tried everything, nothing is working, what the hell do I do?" feeling and make it go away.

Confidence is Everything

As ex high level athletes, we know how important confidence is on every aspect of life. When it’s high, good things happen. When its low, everything becomes harder and results typically trend downwards. Yes, losing the belly, getting a 6 pack and building some good muscle will increase some of your confidence. But that alone won’t truly make you happy, fulfilled and fully confident on a daily basis.

That is why training and nutrition is not enough. There needs to be a shift in your mindset so that you can get back to consistently creating a positive mentality and outlook.

When I lost my confidence shortly after I quit playing competitive soccer is when things got very hard. I took anti-anxiety meds, antidepressants and saw countless amounts of psychologists in an effort to get out of the hole I was in. None of that worked. In fact, the meds made things WAY worse.

I realized I needed to take things into my own hands to take my life back and build confidence and belief in myself. Eventually I was able to do so by utilizing specific methods that enabled me to recognize and eliminate stressors while enhancing things that improved my mindset. These methods and strategies were the main factors in pulling me out of that dark hole and into a place where my mindset and confidence is even higher than when I was in my peak athlete days.

I’ve included each one of these in this program with specific action steps so that you too can regain that bulletproof confidence that allowed you to be at the top of your game each and every day.

Sneak Peek Inside The Game Changer Private Dashboard

Warning: This Is Not For Everyone

The Game Changer ISN’T for you if you:

  • Don’t want to strength train because you don’t want to look good naked.
  • Want to follow a meal plan
  • Want to do endless amounts of cardio
  • Are only looking for a quick fix or magic pill
  • Strongly believe the only way to lose weight are fad diets and suffering in order to get results.

On the other hand, this IS FOR YOU if you:

  • Are a male, ex-competitive athlete between the age of 25 and 35.
  • Are fed up trying numerous diets/programs and not getting the results.
  • Want to optimize your time spent in the gym so you have more time to spend doing other things you love.
  • Want to gain bulletpoof confidence and look good naked.
  • Eat your favorite foods while getting amazing results.
  • Can set a goal and follow a plan put together specifically for you to see great results.
  • Are fed up with your current situation and ready to create massive change

If That’s You, Apply Below

If you fit the requirements listed above, fill out the application below.

After I review your application and decide if you’re a good fit for the online coaching program, I will get in touch with you within the next 48 hours to answer any questions and tell you more about the program and what the next step is so that you can finally get that bulletproof confidence back while getting shredded in the process.

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Arthur Arthur, Sport Played: Soccer

About a year after I stopped playing competitive soccer I gained a fair amount of weight and completely lost the definition I had all those years.  I’ve been training for over ten years now and have always been missing the most fundamental pieces, my nutrition and thus wasn't able to get the results I'd desperately been looking for.

All of the plans I'd been on required me to literally live by a diet which really had a negative impact on my social life and overall happiness. The Game Changer offers a week-by-week guide to elevate your workouts and provides the proper nutrients to your body to ensure sustainable fat loss while increasing/maintaining lean muscle mass. Unlike many other programs out there the Game Changer provides an easy to follow guide that eases you into the program as opposed to many others that provide an overload of information that can often be overwhelming and most likely leads to failure.

The beauty of the Game Changer is that it provides you with a change of lifestyle that is manageable and isn’t restrictive instead of every other program out there that offer short term solutions and lead you right back to where you started after a month or two.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jamie for the past ten years and know this program is the real deal because I see it being used in his own lifestyle. Jamie’s passion and experience is evident throughout the content of the program.

The Game Changer provides an atmosphere that is encouraging and challenging. I’m currently six weeks into the program and have lost over 10 pounds! What's even better is I haven't had to restrict other areas of my life in an attempt to stick to a diet. For the first time in over 10 years, I have visible abs and am confident taking my shirt off.

I've already got incredible results in just 6 weeks and because of that, am beyond excited for what the next 8 weeks holds!

Luke Luke, Sport Played: Soccer

I began The Game Changer with the intent of getting into shape and regaining my confidence. For several years after I stopped playing soccer I felt like a shadow of my old self. I had always attached myself to being an athlete - being lean, athletic, confident, and proud. But about a year after stepping away those attributes were gone.

The Game Changer has allowed me to achieve great results towards gaining those back and feeling how I did when I was in the peak of my athlete years. In a short few weeks on the program I have seen my body fat percentage drop, my lean muscle increase and my overall motivation to succeed vastly improve. Furthermore, I've noticed a huge shift in my mindset in large part from the mindset component within the Game Changer. I am now in better shape mentally and physically than I have ever been before.

Jamie is very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the program and his experience is evident by the structure of the program as well as his response to questions I had along the way. The step by step, week to week approach provides you with the comfort and readiness you need in order to succeed. Nutrition has always been my defeat due to the fact life is extremely busy and hard to plan around. With the Game Changer, I now have the knowledge and ability to manage my nutrition throughout the week without eliminating my favorite food or beverages. I strongly recommend the Game Changer to any ex-athlete who feels as though they've lost their confidence & identity the same way I had for many years. 

Don't Wait Any Longer...

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